The main reason I’m such a big fan of Halloween. Nine years ago today this little pumpkin made me a dad.

Happy birthday Charlotte.

She finished 24th in her age category in her cross country meet (out of 235) #proud

Imagine being a parent who bought their daughter tickets to their first concert. Imagine what you’d do now. How you’d feel. Imagine that level of evil. There is no geopolitical excuse for this.

If you think fans of different teams coalesce around a rival simply due to national affiliation you should probably stop covering sports completely, you clearly don’t understand it.

Is there a sport with more rigid adherence to old tropes and narratives than hockey?


Streaming music is great (love my Sonos) but given the current geopolitical climate, I’m preparing for music appreciation in a post-apocalyptic world.

My MacBook Air is hanging on by a 4Gb of RAM thread right now but there’s nothing in the current lineup I feel comfortable buying. This seems not good.

Here’s the thing about the playoffs. Every game creates sheer panic on one side and unbridled euphoria on the other. Try not to take either too seriously.

It’s amazing how weather impacts life. There are a whole series of things that should be happening now that just aren’t because my brain is convincing my body that it’s still too cold. #excuses